Ten Years After the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment of Laguna de Bay: Towards a Sustainable Future

Project 1: Geologic Hazards

Objectives: Study geophysical hazards in the area and understand their potential impacts to communities for their consideration in their development plans.

Project 2: Pollution Monitoring Proxies

Objectives: Characterize the lake in terms of pollution levels through the analyses of water and sediment samples and develop pollution monitoring proxies using environmental magnetism.

Project 3: Watershed Management

Objectives: Characterize the biophysical aspects of the watersheds, evaluate land use changes and identify critical areas through watershed vulnerability assessment.

Project 4: Socio-ecological assessment

Objectives: Produce a synthesis of state-of-the-art information on Laguna de Bay and generate new baselines and provide indicators on how the targets recommended after the MA have been met or missed

Program Leader: Dr. Maria Victoria O. Espaldon