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The School has three units supporting the function of the Instruction and Research Divisions, namely: the information systems and publications, the environmental laboratory and the environmental simulation and modeling laboratory. 

Under the information systems and publication unit are the audiovisual facilities, the library and the Journal of Environmental Science and Management (JESAM).  These units provide students and researchers the facilities they need for their research activities and for presentation and dissemination of student, faculty and staff research outputs.


The environmental laboratory is designed for research and teaching purposes. Currently, it is capable of doing on-site water and air quality testing. It is also used for sample preparation, such as blending, crushing, mixing, drying, and ashing. 

The Envi Lab plan to develop a mobile laboratory that can function as a quick-response mechanism for environmental concerns. 

Because of the multi-institutional nature of SESAM’s setup, students and researchers that require specialized laboratories or equipment are provided access to the different laboratories within the campus through the School’s affiliate faculty members. These include laboratories at the National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (BIOTECH), Institute of Chemistry, Institute of Plant Breeding and GIS Laboratory of College of Forestry and Natural Resources (mostly computers with licensed GIS and modeling software).