Monitoring and Detection of Ecosystem Changes for Enhancing Resilience and Adaptation in the Philippines (MODECERA)



The overall goal of this program is to set up a long-term monitoring system in selected ecosystems to enhance resilience and adaptation  of agriculture, fisheries, and natural resources sector, through the promotion of science and technology based management and policy decisions

Specifically, the objectives are the following:

  • Describe the unique features of sentinel terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystems;
  • Examine ecosystem elements and their interactions, including human components;
  • Detect ecosystem changes, in composition and function;
  • Determine influences of climate change and other drivers of change on agriculture, particularly plant and livestock production;
  • Enable generation of data for ecosystem simulation and modeling;
  • Develop expertise to forecast changes in ecosystem based on changes in key drivers;
  • Enhance the innate resilience and adaptive capacity of various ecosystems;
  • Use the database to advise the practices and management of agriculture and fisheries in the country; and
  • Integrate the monitoring results with mandated agencies’ and ongoing monitoring programs’ results and activities.

Project Components:

Project 1. Ecosystems Observation Network

Project 2. Field Crops

Project 3. Industrial and Fruit Crops

Project 4. Integrated Pest Management 

Program Leader: Dr. Rex Victor O. Cruz

Co-Program Leader: Dr. Maria Victoria O. Espaldon

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