ICHARM to explore possible collaboration with UPLB

ICHARM 2019Possible collaboration in worksUPLB officials and Water Center team met with ICHARM researchers Dr. Miho Ohara and Dr. Nauko Nagumo at the UPLB Chancellor's Office.

The UPLB Interdisciplinary Studies Center for Water met with representatives of the International Centre for Water Hazard (ICHARM) to discuss research opportunities and possible collaborations on water related topics last February 6, 2019 at the Executive Conference Room, Bienvenido M. Gonzalez Hall, UPLB. During the meeting, Chancellor Fernando Sanchez, Jr. emphasized the importance of water to food security and stressed that ”if there is no water, there will be no agriculture and food”. Chancellor Sanchez further conveyed the need for collaborative works between UPLB and ICHARM towards nation building.


Dr. Miho Ohara, Senior Researcher, presented the research thrusts of ICHARM and also the past and recent activities of the institution. He said that flood risk assessment and climate change impact assessment are some of their research niches. Meanwhile, Dr. Nauko Nagumo, ICHARM Research Specialist, introduced a database integration platform called DIAS, used to store baseline data readily accessible for research and government use.


The group had a round table discussion on possible research collaboration related to flood simulation, agricultural and economic damage assessment which aims to develop a model for enhancing community resiliency from water-related disasters for sustainable local economic development. Dr. Agnes Rola emphasized the importance of communicating research outputs to the end-users for decision support; and availability and accessibility of data and research outputs to the users. These are some of the learnings from previous interdisciplinary research done by the university.

Water specialists from various fields and UPLB colleges attended, including Dr. Felino Lansigan, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences; Dr. Raden Piadozo, Dean of College of Human Ecology; Dr. Maria Estella Tirol, Dean of College of Development Communication; UPLB professors Drs. Rola, Patricia Ann Sanchez, Roger Luyun, Jr., Maria Angeles Catelo, Maria Helen Dayo, Ms. Dulce Elazegui and Ms. Therese Oliva; along with the staff of The UPLB Water Center staff namely, Ms. Jessa Aquino, Ms. Catherine Gigantone, Ms. Unice Roa and Ms. Camille Agbay.