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  • Develop science-based technologies and solutions to complex and interconnected problems in natrual resources management and environmental protection
  • Facilitate the mainstreaming of INREM in academic and RDE institutions
  • Facilitate build-up of empirical database and information on natural resources management and environmental protection
  • Enhance the understanding on INREM among policy makers and practitioners Facilitate policy and institutional reforms in natural resources management and environmental protection through research
  • Educate and engage the general public on INREM-related issues and concerns


World-class Center of Excellence in natural resources management and environmental protection through research and development


Natural resources and the environment are under siege, hence endangering the very foundation of sustainable development in the country. Human and natural stressors have intensified over the last few decades putting excessive pressure on our natural resources, ecosystems, and the environment. Symptoms of serious degradation of our natural resources and environment are evident in the deterioration of water resources, decline of land productivity, loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services, and increasing vulnerability of human and natural systems to climate change and other natural hazards.

The INREM Center aims to contribute in finding and implementing science and technology-based solutions to the present and emerging problems in natural resources management and environmental protection. Through interdisciplinary R&D, the center expects to develop tools and technologies that will remedy the complex and interlocking problems besetting our natural resources and the environment.


  1. Engage in interdisciplinary R&D project on natural resources management and environmental protection
  2. Demonstrate INREM from theory to practice
  3. Develop public education and communication on INREM issues and concerns
  4. Enhance understanding of policy makers and practitioners on the theory and practice of INREM
  5. Facilitate the build-up of empirical database and information systems for INREM
  6. Implement monitoring and evaluation systems for all INREM programs

Research Programs

Ecosystems Health and Services

Assessment and long-term monitoring of the ecosystems condition; Quantification of ecosystem health and services

Rural-Urban Interaction

Population movement and environment; Indigenous knowledge systems; Human settlements and biophysical environment interaction

Water Quality and Watershed Management

Environmental simulation of the pollutants fluxes on the agricultural, urban, and industrial landscapes, and their effects on ecosystem and human health; long-term monitoring and evaluation of watershed resources and services

Community Empowerment

Information, Education Communication (IEC), capacity building; Policy advocacy; Sociological or institutional approaches in the management of natural resources; Mechanisms for sustainable participatory governance of natural resources and the environment


Dean's Office
College of Forestry and Natural Resources
University of the Philippines Los Baños
College, Laguna 4031, Philippines

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