First SESAM Policy Brief Series out now!

UPLB-SPBS 1-2022: Environmental Justice and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) System in the Philippines by Dr. Ben S. Malayang III is now AVAILABLE!

“Environment” and “environmental concerns” are not incidental concerns that people could choose to care about or to engage in (as if they are only for “environmentalists” and concerned government agencies). They are fundamental governance concerns of all citizens because, says our Constitution, all Filipinos have the right to a “balanced and healthful ecology in accord with the rhythm and harmony of nature”⁷. Environmental laws are to ensure that all Filipinos enjoy this right, and that this right is secured by the State.⁸ “Regulations” are the hows, whens, whos, and whats of statutory prescriptions. These are “rules” derived from and are based on laws.

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