ANNOUNCEMENT: Processing of examination permits

Dear SESAM students,

Regarding the processing of examination permits:

Note that the Graduate School continues to process examination permits and that deadlines have not changed, nor has the academic calendar. At least not yet. 

In order to remain compliant with academic requirements, please make sure that if you are applying for an oral comprehensive exam, outline presentation, or final examination, you are still required to submit the necessary permitting documents. If you already had your committee members and me sign the said documents, please scan and email to the GS, copy furnish SESAM through Tita Malou and Jeran ( and If the signatures are not yet complete, please scan the document, secure the concurrence of your committee members by email, screen capture their replies, and send all those images in one email to Tita Malou and Jeran ( and They will forward your request to me. If everything is in order, I will send my approval to you, for your action (meaning, you need to send all the docus to the GS yourself). 

As per the GS, they will be extending maximum leniency in processing applications, but you also have to try your best to beat the deadlines and meet meet requirements. 

From Dean Decibel V. Faustino-Eslava

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