Working towards Climate-Smart Farmers

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July 15 - "You don't just accept the reality, and the geographical situation of Dumangas," Hon. Rolando Distura said during the orientation-workshop on Climate Field School (CFS).


"You have to further enhance S&T," he added. He discussed how Dumangas has been constantly focusing on its agricultural potential, despite the many different geographical cons. One big proactive move of their municipality to address the agricultural problems is their continuous CFS.


Mr. Eugenio Decastillo, Jr., Municipal Agriculturist, disccused about the CFS overview. The overview gave the SARAI team an image of how the Dumangas farmers were before and after adopting CFS. Mr. Ricky Dador, Weather Observer Dumangas Agromet Station, showed the team how Dumangas does their daily and seasonal forecasts.

Four farmer-graduates of CFS also participated in the event, and shared their experiences after applying their CFS learnings. The common points they discussed were how CFS has helped them increase their yield, and how the daily forecasts helped them make decisions to minimize their losses in the presence of an extreme weather event.

The event is the first of the many partnership activities of the municipality of Dumangas and Project SARAI.