Sofia Aggangan-Alaira


For. Sofia Aggangan-Alaira

University Researcher 1

Sofia Aggangan-Alaira is a forester with research interests in forestry and biodiversity. She coordinates and assist in the implementation of environmental code and climate change program.

Academic History

BS – UPLB, Forestry 1986
MSc. – UPLB Environmental Science, 2011

Contact Details:

Telefax: +63495362251
Mobile: +639163988317
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Selected Publications:

Alaira, S.A. and C.M. Rebancos. 2014. Maliputo (Caranx ignobilis Foorskal)Fish Cage Farming Practices Among Selected Operators in Taal Lake Batangas, Philippines. Philippine Society for the Study of Nature (PSSN) Volume 13.

Rebancos, C.M., S.A. Alaira and P.O. Lubag. 2006. Knowledge and Attitude of Different Stakeholders Towards Biodiversity Conservation in Mt. Makiling Forest Reserve, Makiling Los Baños, Laguna. In Journal of Nature Studies. Vol. 5:61-76.

Maranan, R.F., M.G.V. Paraso, A.J. Alcantara, M.J. Sobremisana, M.V.O.Espaldon, S.A.Alaira, C.C. Sevilla, C.A. Valdez. 2008. Operations and Waste Management of Slaughterhouses in the Province of Laguna. Journal of Environmental Science and Management. Volume 11. Number 2.

Alcantara J.A., M.J. Sobremisana, M.V.O. Espaldon, S.A.Alaira, C.C. Sevilla, C.A.Valdez, M.G.V.Paraso and A.E.Dela Cruz. 2008. GIS-aided Animal Production Impacts Analysis on the Environment in Laguna Province. Volume 11. Number 2.

Ancog, R.C., N.D.Briones, L.M.Florece, A.J.Alcantara and S.A.Alaira. 2008. Expansion of Environmental Users' Fee System to Households for Enhanced Water Pollution Control in Laguna de Bay, Philippines. 2008. Journal of Environmental Science and Management. Volume 11. Number 2.