Dr. Enrique P. Pacardo

dr ike pacardo

Enrique P. Pacardo, PhD

Professor Emeritus

Dr. Pacardo's area of professional interest covers a wide field in environment. This includes specialized areas in agriculture such as soil science, agricultural botany (plant eco-physiology and plant-water relationships), biochemistry, and agro- ecology. He has special interest in interdisciplinary studies at the interface of development and environment, environmental planning and management, environmental impact assessment, environmental research methods, contemporary issues in development and environment, and restoration of damaged ecosystems. He advises graduate students in environmental science and sits in numerous advisory/guidance committees.

Academic History

B.S. Agriculture, University of the Philippines Los Banos, 1963

M.Sc. in Ag. Botany, University of the Philippines, Los Banos, 1967

Ph.D. in Plant-eco Physiology, University of Aberdeen, 1971
Post-doctoral studies in IRRI (1976); Ben-Gurion University, Israel, (1983, 1987)

Contact Details

Landline: 049-536-3599
Mobile: 0919-4471-641


ENS 201, ENS 275, ENS 296, ENS 291

Selected Publication

Pacardo, E.P. 1973. Radiant Energy: Its conversion by green plants. Philippine Biota, Vol. VII: 102.

Pacardo, E.P. 1977b. A method of subjecting rice seedlings to constant soil moisture stress. Kalikasan, Philippine J. Biol. 6:245-250.

Pacardo, E. P. 1978b. The effect of soil water stress on selected rice varieties, corn and sorghum. Philippine Journal of Science, 107: 33-40.

Pacardo, E. P. 1983. Role of temperature in water uptake of excised leaf tissue. Kalikasan, Philippine J. Biol. 12: 366-374.

Pacardo, E. P., B. Bartolome, F. Francisco and V. Espaldon. 1988. Basin approach to Laguna Lake water management: problems and issues. Paper presented at the Symposium on Environmantally Sound Water Resource Management held in Nagoya, Japan, on Feb. 8-20, 1988.