1976 Establishment of Upland Hydroecology Program (UHP)

1977 Establishment of Program on Environmental Science and Management (PESAM) with funds from FORD Foundation. It is an inter-unit research on upland and aquatic ecosystems

1984 Offered Master in Environmental Studies under PESAM, the first graduate studies program in Southeast Asia

1987 PESAM evolved into an institute (IESAM); initiated the founding of the EENP (Environmental Education Network of the Philippines), network of higher education institutions (HEIs) concerned on environmental science and management

1989 IESAM released the Bulletin on Environmental Science, which is now the Journal of Environmental Science and Management (JESAM), an ISI and Scopus-indexed international publication

1990 IESAM was a recipient of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) for the project Environment and Resource Management Project (ERMP)

1996 IESAM offered the Master of Science and PhD on Environmental Science

1997 IESAM was elevated into School of Environmental Science and Management (SESAM)

2011 SESAM was awarded as Center of Development in Environmental Science Education by CHED

Since 1984, SESAM has graduated 245 MS and 92 PhD both local and international. These graduates have taken key leadership positions in advancing environmental science and management.